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Marilyn O'Bryan(non-registered)
What a splendid album! Loved it! Thanks for sharing!
Barry & Linda Perkins(non-registered)
Loved the pictures of Jack and his adventures with the pond! Thanks for capturing them on film !
Steve Feeney(non-registered)
I just checked out your Old Car City album. As always, you have captured another of life's gems. I am amazed at all the bodies and emblems I recalled. I shouldn't be though, I'm that old.
Krista Wood(non-registered)
Fourth folder- A beauty! I like the two shots showing the full view of the home and the shot of the guest house.
Krista Wood(non-registered)
Third Folder- WOW! Love the first photograph and all the reflection shots. The flower shots are incredible.
Krista Wood(non-registered)
Now for the second folder. I love the waterfall shots, especially the vertical one that is a full front view! It must be nice to have a farm as your namesake. I hope you are getting royalties from it!
Krista Wood(non-registered)
I just looked through the first folder several times. It reminds me of Apple Valley with a car theme instead of a toy theme. Those two should get together! You have some really nice shots! I think it is a hard shoot as was Apple Valley. My favorites are the photographs of the full vehicles, especially the one that looks like Christine, the Stephen King book/movie, where the grill looks like teeth. I also love the bus and the bulldog hood ornament. The broken glass is also a great shot.
Harry Moore(non-registered)
Great photos, Phil. You are doing really well. When my internet connection is back to normal, I will be looking at some more of your work.
Nancy Sutton(non-registered)
All I can say Phil is "YOU ROCK" the photography world!
Bill James(non-registered)
Great photos Phil. You have the touch. I feel like I'm out in the country listening to some good ole bluegrass when I look through this album.
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